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About us

NTK Since 1975 Building a lifestyle

NTK started building innovative quality products for the outdoor enthusiasts back in 1975. An Italian immigrant with exceptional industrial skills and passion for the great outdoors, Mr.Salvador created a whole new concept by introducing the first airbed in the Americas followed by the sturdiest camping tent ever built using a machine built by him applying ultrasonic frequency technology that was something unthinkable at that time. Today NTK is still owned and operated by the family and is the leading brand of Family Camping and Outdoor Lifestyle products in South America and now the campers in USA can enjoy NTK products as well. Every now and then our Product Develop Team comes up with ideas and solutions that are also unthinkable for our days.

Our goal has always been the same: To bring more people to the great outdoors by having the best, easiest and safest camping experience with the confidence that you and your family will be comfortable, dry and relaxed when waking up to a new fresh day of fun with great and unforgettable bonding experiences.

YOUR CHOICE: Our Outdoors is under threat from many factors and you as a consumer have THE CHOICE to vote for a low impact brand and NTK Outdoors, with others, has a strong mission to REDUCE WASTE as much as possible. You are the DIFFERENCE and we encourage you to read more online, NTK strives to make the very best camping tents and other camping solution with the minimal impact on nature with the best performance and reliability for a fair price.

Check out our full range of products from Hammocks to camping tents, sleeping bags and much more and experience the NTK lifestyle.NTK is spreading the Brazilian Outdoor Lifestyle. Enjoy and be part if it! Your campouts will never be the same, sleeping on a NTK tent is a unique experience that combines comfort and protection from the elements.

If you have any questions regarding NTK products or want to do business with us as a vendor or customer or even if you are looking for a great environment to work, send us an e-mail to cs@ntkglobal.com or call us at (305) 592-9472, we will take care of you as if you were a member of our family.



2800 Glades Cir Ste 159
Weston, Florida | 33327

Phone: (305) 592-9472
Fax: (305) 592-9472
Email: cs@ntkglobal.com