Bandanas may not seem like the most essential camping item, but in this post you will be surprised to see how versatile these pieces of fabrics are for the outdoors.

  1. Stay cool

Dip your bandana into water and wrap it around your head. This will not only help you cool down in hot days, but will also prevent your scalp from getting sunburned.

  1. Neck Sun protection

If you don’t have a legionnaire hat to keep your neck covered, simply drape a bandana over your head like a skull cap and leave some cloth hanging down the back of your neck. Then put a cap or another bandana on top to hold it in place. NTK’s bandanas have a 50+ sun protection factor (SPF), perfect to protect your skin.

  1. Water pre-filter

In case of emergency, a bandana can be used as a makeshift water filter. Just secure the bandana over the container of your choice and pour the water through it. The tiny little holes of bandanas’ fibers will do nothing for bacteria, microbes or fine sediments, but will definitely get leaves, small rocks and twigs out of the water. After you’ve filtered your water, make sure you boil it.

  1. To signal for help

When buying a bandana, choose a bright colored one so you can use it as a marker or signal flag in case of emergency.  The brighter the color, the bigger your chances of being found. Also, an eye-catching color will make the bandana harder to lose.

  1. Smoke mask

Soak a bandana with water and wear over your nose and mouth to provide some protection from smoke inhalation, dust, sand or dirt.

As you can see, the uses of bandanas go far beyond being mere fashionable accessories for camping. Now, you just need to find your own and get creative with it!