Because pets are part of the family and our fun wouldn’t be complete without this furry companion, it’s natural that when planning holidays we want them to come along too. Also, camping with our four-legged best friends has become a very popular practice and there are many campsites that now accept pets. All you need to do is think ahead and pack wisely!

  1. Collar up!

Make sure your dog has a collar with an ID tag including its name and your contact information. A nightlight for your dog’s collar is also a good idea to keep an eye on him/her more easily at nighttime.

  1. A towel

Taking a spare towel to clean your dog’s paws after muddy walks or rainy days is a perfect way to keep things clean and prevent wet invasions inside your tent. Just take that old towel from your home and make it your dog’s “camping towel”.

  1. Comfort

Just like you, your dog likes comfort. That’s why bringing their toys, water bowls and bed will not only make them feel just like at home but also help them acclimate to the new surroundings. If you have the time, a good idea is to set the tent in your garden before your trip, so your dog can get familiar with it.

  1. Vet

If you’re going to a new area, doing some research about nearby veterinarians or pet emergency clinics is a good way to be prepared in case of any emergency. Also, make sure you take your dog’s veterinary records, just in case.

  1. The right tent

When considering a sleeping space for you and your pooch, make sure the tent you choose is big enough for both of you. In terms of space and comfort, just consider your pet as a person, that should give you room enough to sleep like a log. Be aware that some synthetic tents can get really hot in the day, so never leave your dog unattended inside the tent.


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