Summer is here and vacation has arrived! Many of us have already started packing our backpacks to enjoy a campsite on the beach, the lake, or the river and for you to have the best outdoor experience, we have prepared a list of items that you can’t forget this season.

A tent with good breathability: prefer tents with breathable fabric, designed for warm areas and little rain. The NTK models that we recommend are the Koala 2 tent and the Cherokee line of tents. A good tip is to choose a place with shade to place your tent, since it can be a bit unpleasant to wake up sweating from the sun in the morning.

Coolers: if your trip is not that long and you are going to bring food or drinks that you want to keep cold, we recommend that you use the Cooler Playa by NTK.

Sleeping bag for warm areas: for lakes, beaches and rivers you will be more comfortable with light and breathable sleeping bags. The extreme temperature of your bag should not be below 30, as it is very unlikely that you will experience this type of temperature in these places. The preferred NTK sleepin bag for these types of temperatures is the Viper.

Hat: it’s important to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, especially when we are camping and most of our activities are outdoors. For this, we recommend the use of the Nautika Legionary Cap Light, which not only provides protection to the head and face, but also to the areas of the neck and ears.

Don’t forget these items and your vacation will be unforgettable!

NTK Camping Gear