Camping tents are part of human life for uncountable years, as far as we can remember everyone likes to have a shelter over their head, privacy and freedom. The “vibe” associated to a tent is totally different than to a house. I don’t want to compare one with the other today.

Many of us try to plan a camping trip with so many details and such long checklist that we end up not doing it or stressing out our family and friends even before we hit the road. I write this short article with one thing in mind, we should camp when we feel like it, and many times that spark comes on a Friday evening and there is no time to gear up, team up and drive somewhere. 

If you know your favorite NTK waterproof camping tent is there laying in the garage just waiting to be called to action, go and get it. Choose a spot on your backyard, set it up, grab some lights, torches, chairs, a loaded cooler, a grill and voila! Your perfect home camp-in is ready and it will be an amazing surprise to your loved ones when they see all that scenario ready for them.

Camping Tent - Home camping

Valentine’s Day and Backyard Camping

February is a great time of the year for this kind of surprise because it is Valentine’s. Especially in these pandemic years we are going through. You are not only saving money and being socially distant but most of all being creative, romantic and building a lifetime memory, a story that will be told by your grandsons, imagine that?

Grandaddy surprised Granny, one night when she got home, he had a camping tent on the backyard full of red hearts cut out of card boxes, romantic lights, music, her favorite steak on the grill and guess what? It was Valentine’s…. what a great story to pass on.

NTK Arizona camping tent

So, if you can’t get far out there, just get to your backyard and yes, I know some of you are saying I don’t have a backyard. What I can say to you is to find a peaceful and safe getaway place close to your home and enjoy it.

Happy Camping!

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