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Solo Camping Tips

Gear Tips

A camping getaway with friends can be an amazing way to unplug and reconnect with nature. But we all know that planning a camping trip with others can sometimes be quite stressful. When camping alone, however, you don’t…

Winter camping food

Gear Tips

In winter, a nice meal is not only necessary to keep us warm and with energy throughout the day, but it can also be the perfect excuse to get together and give our bodies a relief. That is…

7 Factors to evaluate before setting up your tent


Camping requires strategy. Whether you go wild camping or stay at a campsite with sound infrastructure, the purpose is the same: to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. And one of the most fantastic things…

Understanding the Water Column

Gear Tips

Water column is a unit of measure used in the outdoor industry to describe the waterproofness of a material. And because understanding this concept is decisive for informed buying decisions, in this article we tell you everything you…

Leisure at Camp

Gear Tips

Every great camping adventure needs some leisure time to complement the outdoor experience. Whether you are camping with your partner, friends or family, here we give you some ideas that don’t require much planning and will definitely take…

The Health Benefits of Camping

Gear Tips

Have you ever wondered why we feel so good when we go camping? Is it the fresh air, the relaxing atmosphere or being around our loved ones? If we tried to make a thorough list of the health…

Bandanas: the best uses for summer

Gear Tips

Bandanas may not seem like the most essential camping item, but in this post you will be surprised to see how versatile these pieces of fabrics are for the outdoors. Stay cool Dip your bandana into water and…


Gear Tips

Looking for a new experience in the outdoors? Try night hiking! Not only does the night time bring darkness with it, but it also offers a whole new landscape and sensory stimuli to expand your outdoor mindset. But…

Camping With your Dog!

Gear Tips

Because pets are part of the family and our fun wouldn’t be complete without this furry companion, it’s natural that when planning holidays we want them to come along too. Also, camping with our four-legged best friends has…

Camping essentials for this summer

Gear Tips

Summer is here and vacation has arrived! Many of us have already started packing our backpacks to enjoy a campsite on the beach, the lake, or the river and for you to have the best outdoor experience, we…