The Health Benefits of Camping are everywhere out there. Have you ever wondered why we feel so good when we go camping? Is it the fresh air, the relaxing atmosphere, or being around our loved ones? If we tried to make a thorough list of the health benefits of camping, you would be reading that list for weeks. So, in this post we’re just going to focus on 5 of the best physical and mental benefits of camping to inspire you to seize the opportunity and take your next camping trip as soon as you can:

  1. Stress relief

Being around nature increases our serotonin levels, which is a chemical that makes us feel happier. Also, because when we camp, we’re doing something we really enjoy, it’s very unlikely that we’ll get stressed or angry about silly things. Just take a break from your computer and mobile devices and let yourself relax and connect more deeply with the environment without external distractions.

  1. New challenges and adventures

From rock climbing to trekking, the outdoors provides us with a wide range of activities that we wouldn’t normally do in our daily lives. Trying a new challenge can help us boost self-confidence, stimulate our brains, and keep them healthy, as new activities force us to think for ourselves.

  1. Exercise

Camping usually involves different forms of exercise that force us out of a sedentary life, including swimming, trekking, playing sports, etc. That is why, every time we go camping, we burn more calories than any office job would. Exercise activates our cardiovascular system and helps us keep our lungs healthy.

  1. Socialization and new friends

Because human beings are social animals, camping can be the perfect opportunity to meet alike minds. Whether it be through humor, shared interests, competition, cooperation and even flirting, socializing has been linked to delaying memory problems and extending our lifespan. Also, social interactions are a great way of giving and getting emotional, physical and spiritual support.

  1. Vitamin D

Because camping provides us with the chance to spend more time in the sun, our vitamin D intake is much greater in this type of outdoor activities. Vitamin D allows our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphorous, which are two minerals that we need to keep our bones and teeth healthy. However, because it is well known that direct exposure to the sun can be detrimental to your skin, make sure you always wear sunscreen.

The Health Benefits of Camping from food to activities.

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