There is still time to get out for camping trips this summer. There are a few weeks left with good camping weather, so let’s plan to get out a few more times.

Family camping has become the best vacation alternative in these strange pandemic times, not only because you save money, but you can have that social distance if you want to and if any emergency happens you can jump in your car and take off. Most important is that you have a chance to take a break from technology, spend quality time with your loved ones, build lasting memories and nurture the love and respect to nature while learning about wildlife and more.

A family camping vacation is not an average camping trip. When going alone, you just grab your stuff and take off. However, when the entire family is in tow, planning is required to avoid those unwanted surprises.

NTK Explorer GT - Family Camping Tent

NTK Explorer GT – Family Camping Tent

To be ready to that family weekend getaway, have all your camping gear checked and double-checked, you don’t want to get there just to find out that the poles of your tent are missing. Don’t overthink it, make your list carefully with all the essentials, add games, fishing gear and other fun stuff to with kids and comfy items for your wife and yourself, nice chairs, a good airbed, and sleeping bag, things like that.

Most importantly choose the right tent and make sure that yours is in good shape. We suggest tents for family like the NTK FLASH 8 or NTK Arizona 9/10, they have plenty of room and will keep you dry.

Happy camping!!!
By Alex Macedo

NTK Arizona GT 9/10 person camping tent