Leisure at Camp is what every great camping adventure needs to complement the outdoor experience. Whether you are camping with your partner, friends, or family. Here we give you some ideas that don’t require much planning and will definitely take your fun to the next level.

  1. Playing Darts

Apart from being a really enjoyable game, darts is also a relaxing game to play as it forces you to concentrate and focus in the moment of “now”, and there is enough evidence that supports that putting your mind in the present moment is quite nurturing for your well-being and contentment. Also, darts is a very social and easy to play game that helps you boost confidence. So, next time you go camping and provided the weather is OK, take this fun game outdoors and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

  1. Relaxing in a Hammock

Whether for reading a book, taking a nap, or just hanging around, hammocks are well known for being the ultimate relaxation experience. And because, unlike tents, hammocks have no walls, they allow you wonderful 360º views of the landscape. At NTK, you can choose from our single, double, and king-size hammocks, depending on whether you want to spend time alone or cuddling.

  1. Gathering around a Bonfire

Bonfires are a camping classic that has a magical way of bringing people together. Gathering around a bonfire in the middle of nowhere is a perfect moment. Looking at the sky, sharing a blanket, and having meaningful conversations. Don’t get discouraged by the alleged difficulties of making a bonfire, there will surely be in the group an expert willing to help or otherwise, you can always use a fire starter.


  1. Fishing

The best about fishing is that you’re actually doing something, but not much. Fishing can be a perfect solo activity if what you want is time to think and reconnect with yourself. It can also be a great way of spending time with friends. But first things first: comfort. Don’t get us wrong, we love adventure but a little bit of indulgence never hurt anybody, right? That’s why compact and comfortable chair might be a perfect match for your fishing day.

  1. Playing Flashlight Tag

If escaping from adulthood is your thing, a flashlight tag is your next stop. The rules are exactly the same as those of classic tag, except that being tagged means getting lit up by a flashlight. Also, playing this game at camp before going to sleep is an excellent way to exercise a little and stay warm during the night.

Leisure at Camp requires creativity, go for it.