A Solution for Every Situation. Gas lamps, headlamps, flashlights, and lanterns: there is plenty to choose from. But, first, you need to ask yourself where and for what purpose you need the lighting. Is it for reading, exploring the outdoors, or playing board games? Whatever it is, NTK has a solution for every situation.

The bookworm

People who love to read know how difficult it can be to put down a good book even when it starts to get dark. What you’ll need is the kind of light that only lights up a small area. An easy solution? The headlamp! The Fenix from NKT is super convenient and friendly to use. It features a cable to charge directly into a conventional outlet, a super durable battery, focus with angle adjustment, and an elastic with a universal fit system.

Playing games

Nothing’s more fun than playing cards or a board game with your friends or family: everyone around the table, a drink, and just see who’s the best (or the luckiest) one. For these situations, it’s very important that your lighting is strong and covers a large area. That’s why for this purpose we recommend the Mini Lantern Talino from NTK, which has a 360º light, is economical and super resistant.

Enjoying the outdoors

When buying outdoor lighting, make sure you consider others; you don’t want to keep your campsite neighbors awake with a very strong light. That’s why a dimmable light is a great idea. The Alu M Lantern from NKT has a stable white light and includes a diffuser lens to adjust the focus and range of light.

Whatever you’re looking for, from headlamps to lanterns, we hope our illuminating guide will help ensure you never get left in the dark again.

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