Looking for a new experience in the outdoors? Try night hiking!

Not only does the night time bring darkness with it, but it also offers a whole new landscape and sensory stimuli to expand your outdoor mindset. But like most outdoor activities, a little preparation can always come in handy to keep you safe in the wilderness.

  1. DO bring extra lights

Full moon nights are perfect for observing the landscape and starry skies under natural light. However, on moonless nights, the use of artificial light becomes a must. Flashlights are a great way to illuminate, but when it comes to night hiking, a head lamp is a much better option because it allows you to use trekking poles or hike hands-free. From our models, we recommend the Azteq Cruze Headlamp, with two intensities of illumination and four auxiliary red LEDs, perfect to protect your night vision.

  1. DON’T try a new trail

When adventuring into the night, it is hard to know what to expect and the dangers we might encounter. That’s why sticking to a trail you already know is a good way to prevent accidents or undesirable events. Also, even when you’ll already know the route, the quiet and dark wilderness will present you with a brand new experience to enjoy.

  1. DO dress for the occasion

Plan ahead, check the weather conditions and dress accordingly. Don’t forget that a sunny day doesn’t mean the night won’t be cooler. Make sure you cover your skin with at least one layer, this means: don’t wear shorts or sandals as you might get injured by branches or spiky vegetation. Most importantly, be nice to your feet and wear appropriate shoes. From our models, the Snake Dry is a comfortable and lightweight boot that will protect your feet while giving them enough agility and comfort. Also, they have an exclusive TMP temperature management technology to keep your feet at the right temperature.

  1. DON’T hike alone

Going in a group is not only fun and a great way to build trust and support with others, but also the best way to feel and stay safe in the outdoors. The bigger the group, the more gear and communication devices you will have around in case of a serious situation.

  1. DO slow down and enjoy the journey

The best part about hiking at night is that you’ll have the trail for yourself. Just listen to the sounds of nature and embrace the addictive mystery of the unknown.

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