Tent Technologies

NTK’s Technology in Tents involve many aspects. Our tents are made with state-of-the-art materials and technologies designed to give you the best camping experience. As a camper, you’ve probably heard terms like “fire retardant material”, “power mesh fabric” and “intercool system”, but do you know what they actually mean? In this post we present you a more complete picture of these words for better informed purchase decisions.

Nano-flex Technology

Our tent frames are made with extra thick Nano-flex fiberglass poles that interconnect with double gold chrome plated ferrule hardware and strong elastic, offering a sturdy construction. Made with 100% virgin material to provide additional strength and flexibility.

100% Waterproof 190T Polyester

Our GT series tents feature a double layer full coverage rainfly laminated with polyurethane. This 2500mm water column rainfly provides great design and ventilation and the inner layer delivers breathability keeping you dry, while the heat-seamed thermoplastic coating offers UV protection.

Thermo-sealed Seams 

This is a crucial technology in waterproof equipment, since this is a system that prevents the entry of water. Some of the NTK tents are additionally supported by a “seam taping” system, which consists of a tape attached along the seam to improve its waterproofness. Also, Nautika uses special threads that do not carry water, thus avoiding the possibility of leaks through this way.

Intercool System

It is a ventilation system that avoids the encapsulation of high temperatures and favors the flow of air, meaning less condensation in your tent.

Fire Retardant Material

A fire retardant material is one that is designed to withstand heat by slowing down the combustion process, thus reducing fire hazards and making your tent and camping experience safer.

Heavy Duty Anti Fungus Floor Material

Seamless, anti-fungal polyethylene with a silver-coated inner layer to prevents leaks, keeping you dry and protected.

NO-SEE-UM® Polyester Micro-Mesh Fabric 

This breathable polyester micro-mesh fabric is designed to protect against mosquitoes and insects. It is also well known for allowing a clear view from the inside out, but hindering visibility to the inside of the tent from the outside, which gives greater privacy to the user.

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