8 oz. Butane Fuel Canisters GasOne 4-Pack

GasOne Value 4-pack 8 oz. butane gas canisters for portable camping stove or portable gas blowtorch.

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Very compact and light, 8 oz. butane fuel canisters have become a great product for outdoor chefs, cooking enthusiasts, avid campers, fishermen, and hunters alike. They are affordable and very portable, a good saving when comparing with the classic propane. GasOne 8 oz. butane canisters offer optimum performance and convenience when packing your camping gear, taking minimum space.

  • 4-piece – 8 oz. butane canisters (227g each)
  • To be used with portable stoves that use 8oz. butane fuel canisters
  • Ideal butane fuel source for optimum performance
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • UL approved

NTK products compatible with GasOne 8oz. butane canisters:

NTK Gas Torchhttps://ntkglobal.com/products/gas-torch/

Alpha-T Gas Butane Camping Stovehttps://ntkglobal.com/products/alpha-t-gas-butane-camping-stove/

Frontier Portable Camping Gas Butane Stovehttps://ntkglobal.com/products/ntk-frontier-portable-camping-gas-butane-stove/

Magus BBQ 3×1 Camping Stovehttps://ntkglobal.com/products/magus-bbq-3×1-camping-stove/

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in


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