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Arizona GT 11/12 Family Camping Tent

The Arizona GT 11/12 family camping tent part is our premium GT series.

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The Arizona GT 11/12 is part of our premium family camping tents. As a Brazilian company, we build our tents to survive the Amazon weather with a 20cm bathtub shape floor, fully covered by the rainfly. Yet it is also built for the heat, the tent is 50% mesh for extra ventilation and comfort offering excellent ventilation. From the main window on the door to the vents around it allowing the tent to breathe. With its Nano-flex fiberglass poles, the tent withstands strong winds more because the poles are made of non-recycled material giving it less memory.

THE ULTIMATE FAMILY CAMPING EXPERIENCE! Arizona GT 11/12 is a SUPER SPACIOUS 11 to 12 Person (adult/kids) tent, Detachable Room Divider, 2 Doors, 3 Windows, 1 awning Tent Designed for Easy Assembly with color-coded poles. Super 6.9 FT height for maximum comfort.

FULL COVERAGE RAINFLY: Double layer 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane 2500 mm water column, partially aluminum, heat-welded PU seam sealed and UV protection, Large covered mesh vents provide even more ventilation.

FRAME: 100% virgin NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass rods with an improved diameter and double gold plated ferrules. Aluminum Pin-and-ring system for easy and quick setup.

MOSQUITO MESH: Arizona GT 11/12 inner tent is fully breathable with generous Ultra-thin polyester NO-SEE-UM style mesh keeps you safe from smallest insects and mosquitos while offering some privacy from side view (when not using the rainfly).

FLOOR MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Heavy duty seamed polyethylene (PE) with inner silver coated layer. Keeps you dry and protected enhanced because of the unique element barrier bathtub-style construction (you won’t wake up in a puddle!).

Seasons: 3
Sleeping Capacity: up to 12 persons
Number of Doors: 2
Number of Windows: 3
Inner Tent: Large D-style doors with mosquito mesh for great views and ventilation. Roomy utility pockets and gear loft for gear storage. Inner tent fully breathable with generous Ultra-thin polyester NO-SEE-UM style mesh keeps you safe from the smallest insects and mosquitos while offering some privacy from side view (when not using the rainfly).
Floor Material: Heavy duty seamless polyethylene with inner silver coated layer keeps you dry and protected enhanced by the unique element barrier bathtub-style construction (you won’t wake up in a puddle!)
Outer Material: Double layer 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane 2500 mm water column, partially aluminum, heat-welded PU seam sealed and UV protection
Frame: 100% virgin NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass rods with an improved diameter and double gold plated ferrules. Aluminum Pin-and-ring system for easy and quick setup.
Dimensions: H x W x D (cm): 210 x 627 x 311 cm | 6.9 x 20.6 x 10.2 FT
Weight: 19kg | 42Lb
Security: Meets CPAI-84 flammability requirements. Heavy-duty carry bag with compression straps and ID label to personalize your tent.
Other: Heavy duty carry bag with compression straps and ID label to personalize your tent. Poles included for extended canopy.

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Video – NTK Arizona GT 11/12 Family Camping Tent

Weight 35.58 lbs
Dimensions 26.77 × 12.60 × 12.60 in

Only Arizona 11/12 Tent, Arizona 11/12 Tent + Kokun Hammock

10 reviews for Arizona GT 11/12 Family Camping Tent

  1. Sarah

    Bought this tent because of the rain cover and the amazing reviews it has on Amazon. When we got it we set it up the night before it was suppose to rain and it poured! Checked it the next morning and it was completely dry!! Only issue is the tent stakes, the rain cover is basicly a parachute and it pulled the stakes out of the ground on a very windy day, the cover ripped but the company is send me a new one and all i have to pay for is shipping. I would give 6 stars if i could!

  2. Jeffrey Oliver

    This tent is hands down the best tent for the money. I bought it a year ago for hunting in northern Michigan and it has held up extremely well. The first time we used it we got rained on all week. I mean it poured 24/7 and the tent stayed dry, not one leak. Held up very nicely in the wind but I did purchases the upgraded steaks which helped tremendously. The temperature out side got down to about 36F or 2C and with a little heater running it stayed pretty warm inside the tent.
    The floor of the tent is nice and thick, better then most tents I have seen but I still bought a tarp to put down as a footprint just to make sure it didn’t get punctured.

  3. william voitier

    Best tent I’ve ever purchased. Also the only tent that hasn’t dripped water on us in the mornings. The fact that it is lighter than most tents of comparable size is a plus too.

  4. Angela D. (verified owner)

    We are super pleased with this tent. I was a bit nervous about my purchase, but this product is exactly as described. I purchased this tent a couple of months ago and immediately put it up the day it arrived. My 13 yr old son helped me. We have never put up a tent bigger than a 6 person tent. This tent was super easy to assemble. We had it up in about 45 minutes. Getting it back in the bag was easy as well. We followed the folds that were there from the factory. We recently got to try it out on a 3 day camping trip. We had so much room. We fit 2 extra large cots, 2 blow up twin mattresses, a round 42″ dog “play pen” and all our gear. We had plenty of room to change clothes, move around, etc. The quality is excellent. I can’t imagine having any problems with the zippers any time soon. It was not raining, but I can’t imagine this thing not being able to handle it. I am so happy I decided to stray away from the usual camping brands, (which I’m not at all impressed with) to buy this tent. It is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the other brands as well. I will be buying a couple more smaller tents from NTK. Thank you, NTK! We love our tent!

  5. Roger

    The tent is huge, I’m 5’9 and I can stand in it at just about any point with room to spare without having to duck. The tent is awesome and I would definitely buy it again. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the fact that it doesn’t come with any instructions as far as setup, we had to watch the advertisement trailer for the tent in order to figure out how to properly set it up and the instructions that you can find on the NTK website is one page and only marginally more useful than trying to figure it out on your own, a guide on how to fold everything up so that it all fits back into the bag would also be a welcome addition.

    • NTK USA

      Thank you Roger, your comment is very useful to us

  6. Kayla K (verified owner)

    Didn’t approve my review, huh? Your tent leaks. You promised a replacement and I have yet to see it. In fact, YOU cancelled it mid shipment! I’m well within the return window and I want my money back.

    • NTK USA

      Hello Kayla,

      Your order was fully refunded, please check with your bank. We are sorry that we sent your parts to another customer and they didn’t arrive on time for your next campout.
      Once we have the chance to study your rainfly and inner tent, we will be able to understand what could have happened, our tents DO NOT LEAK. Our family makes tents over 40 years and we do not make them to leak, on the contrary, we are known for making water-tight tents. Your case is very special as you informed us the water is also going in from the polyethylene floor which has never happened. Polyethylene is a plastic-based (PE) material and has no openings for air or water.
      We work hard every day so that our customers have a great camping experience. Once again, we are very sorry we could not do that for you and your family.

  7. Jeromy Randels

    Like some other customers, I was a bit apprehensive to make this purchase. There are so many “off-the-shelf” 12 person tents available on the market today. I read review after review of so many different tents for my family, and the one consistency was that NTK was in most of the top reviews. The problem was, I could not find it on Amazon.

    After a quick call to NTK, I found the reason that they did not sell on Amazon (at least the 11/12). I went ahead and ordered this tent. I am a lifetime camper, so my expectations are very high. I live in Arizona, so I need a tent that is very versatile. Logic told me that this should be a good tent.

    First off, for as large of a tent as this is, it is not very heavy. That threw me off a little as I thought it would weigh a ton! The carrying bag is great. As I unpacked it and felt the material, I noticed that it was very well made. The nylon/fabric feels strong (not like some of the “better” name brand stuff). The poles seem well made and thicker than a lot of other tents I have owned. I set this tent up in about 15 minutes in my back yard, by myself! I have camped all my life, and set up a lot of tents. I had NO issues with this tent. Everything is very well made, so it went together very easily. The rainfly went on very nicely, and I am SO IMPRESSED with the coverage for rain. I was also very please to feel the temperature difference with the rain fly on. It is a lot cooler than I thought it would be (today is 109 and sunny/humid). I thought it would be a swamp box, but with the rain fly opened on the one end, it was very comfortable.

    It really is like I had the opportunity to design a tent! If I took all my camping experience and set it to a design, it would be this tent! Everything is in the right place! The guy rope loops, the stake loops, the zippers and vents, the rain fly, the floor, and more! This is an incredible tent and I cannot wait to use it camping! Bravo NTK!

  8. Javier Chiarella

    This review is a long time coming but hopefully it can assist those that might be a little apprehensive about buying a tent from a company that isn’t as recognizable.

    We purchased this tent back in June of 2017 after another tent we owned by a Big Brand was anything but a “Weather Master” and failed to keep us dry on a camping trip that was full of rain. I was on a mission to find a tent we can rely on for years to come without the worry of being afraid in the middle of the night if we would wake up soaked. After much research we decided on the NTK Super Arizona GT.

    Fast forward 4 years later and we’re happy to say that we are still very much in love with this tent and it has NEVER failed us during ANY inclement weather and I’m sure as many of you that camp know… it’s ALMOST impossible to have a streak of days where you don’t encounter rain or wind. This tent has been through torrential rains and wind gusts of up to 70mph (Derecho) this past summer. Since this was a Derecho with wind gusts of up to 100mph we did think it was best to get in our car and hideout under a viaduct until the storm passed over and we wondered if our tent will still be up… this was a true and our NTK Super Arizona GT passed the test with flying colors – no water and was still standing.

    Of course with any tent there’s a learning curve in setting it up and we’ve mastered it, we camp 5-7 times a year in all seasons… spring, summer, fall and winter. It’s cool in the summer due to all the ventilation and in the colder months it’s nice and cozy warm if you happen to have a heater. A couple of times a year I camp on my own and yes you can set this tent up by yourself, of course it’s easier with 2 people but VERY doable by yourself. One thing I’ve done to make things easier was permanently attaching pole clips to the rainfly which helps tremendously in trying to get the rainfly on yourself.

    I’m sorry this review is so long but this company and their customer service is hands one of the best I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to tents. So do yourself a favor and don’t be afraid of the brand you’re not familiar with… you will not be disappointed.

  9. Bethany Gomez

    We have owned the Arizona GT for five summers now. It has held up camping across the east and Midwest and in pouring rains, thunder, frost, heat. We have 5 in our family, and it is spacious and amazing. We used two queens and a twin, and still have space for all the gear and a dog and his gear too. I am 5’10” and can stand straight up in both rooms. We live that each room has its own door. The canopy provides coverage superior to any rent we’ve seen on the market for bigger tents. Hands down, the best! Worth every penny we spent.

  10. Michael P. Gallagher

    Just took it to the ADK for it’s first outing. If the directions came with it, they were thrown out and work stuff got in the way of a dry run, so without anything but prior tent experience, I had it up in the rain in about 30 minutes by myself. That said, there was no wind, so I didn’t need to attach all of the points on the rain fly which would take some time. King mattress fit fine in the large room with plenty of room to spare. Note that the rooms are not equal size- There is a large room and a small room probably close to 2/3-1/3 of the footprint. Advice- if you are stuck setting up in the rain, set the red poles first. That will pop up the dome and you can put the fly over it. Second point, esp. if you are setting it up yourself- take a look at the pictures. It took me a while to orient the rain fly properly and doing it solo was hard to do. It’s not particularly hard to set up. I suggest you get some tent pegs you can nail into the ground- you can pound them in quickly with a hammer and six of them will hold the shape, then you can take your time and decide if you need more.

    The things I loved-
    The roof over the main door with poles supplied. Leave shoes outside and don’t worry about a little shower.
    The storage/pockets. Plenty of places to put stuff.
    The vents at both ends.
    The look- everyone in our crew of 35 was checking out our set up (and telling us we’re not really camping as it was more of a mobile hotel room.).
    The privacy options. You can turn it into a cacoon or a fish bowl or a combination of both. You can pull back the fly on the small room and basically have a screened in porch.
    The construction- For family camping, it’s perfect. I has a very tough floor. I wasn’t at all worried about our 100 lb. pup walking around inside. Still, put something under it for preservation if nothing else. Not sure if it’s great in extreme conditions- I’ll leave that answer for those that do it.
    Two ingress/egress doors.

    Things I think could be improved (it’s a short list):
    More windows on the rain fly for the small room. There’s just the door which is big, but doesn’t allow air to blow through.
    Rope in the edges of the zipper covers like a tarp. The flaps that cover the zippers WILL get caught in the zippers. There was no easy way to get it out so I just muscled it out. Something to keep them from getting sucked into the zipper would be great.

    Bottom line:
    It took me 10 years to get my wife camping. She loved this tent, which means I love this tent. Wife and I are not going to go in high wind scenarios or torrential downpours, but if it was me and some able campsmen/campswomen, I think we’d be fine in tough weather.

    This is just general stuff if you are buying this as a novice. Make kits. I have “Fire Craft” with everything to start a fire in a storm; “Kitchen Craft,” which is self explanatory; “Rigging Craft” with cordage, tie-downs, caribeeners, etc… But for the tent- “Camp Craft.” In goes flex tape, duct tape, rubber hammer, steel hammer, screw-in tent pegs, nail-in tent pegs, wire coils and lineman plyers to cut and shape wire; 3M commercial velcro…NKT can build a great tent, but be ready and you’ll be happy. The wire pegs that come with the tent are fine for most things, but you’ll need more for sand, really hard ground, etc… No blaming the tent for not being ready-up for field conditions.

    Happy camping, brothers and sisters!

    • NTK USA

      Thank you Michael!!! Happy camping!!!

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