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Arizona GT 9/10 Family Camping Tent

The NTK Arizona GT 9/10 is a huge family camping tent, part of the GT (Gran Turismo) line of tents, with improved materials and features.

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The NTK Arizona GT 9/10 is a huge family camping tent, part of the GT (Gran Turismo) line of tents, with improved materials and features such as:

  • 100% Waterproof full-coverage rainfly
  • Extra thin mesh to avoid small bugs
  • Oversized Nano-Fiber frame for extra flexibility and strength
  • Gear loops and pockets inside the tent to better organize all the small equipment
  • Removable entrance heavy-duty mat
  • Zipped E-port for the power cord
  • Element barrier floor made with antifungal material
  • Extra ventilation on the rainfly

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Seasons: 3
Sleeping Capacity: up to 10 persons (Adults and Children)
Number of Doors: 2 doors and 2 windows
Inner Material: Superfine polyester mosquito net fabric that prevents even the smallest insects and mosquitoes and breathable polyester
Floor Material: Electronically seamed high-strength fabric, prevents any water leak and is treated with an antifungal coating
Outer Material: 100% waterproof Polyester with polyurethane coating – 2500mm water column
Frame: NTK Arizona GT 9/10 has fiberglass rods with a diameter greater than the conventional, connected by internal elastic and constructed with Nano Fiber technology (white) and Flex Max (red) with 100% virgin material providing more strength and flexibility.
Dimensions: H x W x D: 205 x 245 x 530 cm | 6.73 x 8.04 x 17.39 FT
Weight: 12 Kg | 26.45 lb

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Weight 26.48 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 in

7 reviews for Arizona GT 9/10 Family Camping Tent

  1. Gabrielle Braziel

    This is the best tent our family has had in the last 20 years!!!!

  2. Rickey Anderson

    This is the largest tent I have ever owned. I have had 2 and 4 person tents primarily used during my 3-7 day stay at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I decided to get a larger tent that I could walk in to get my fiancé to go with me. She isn’t and outdoor hot weather person. The Arizona GT more than met my expectations. We stayed in it for 3 nights four days with a queen sized bed and a portable 5,00O BTU air conditioner. I took my Honda eu2000i generator for power and ran the cord through the back-door. Zipped tightly we had no issues with insects. The roominess and ease of assemble helped. She has no issue staying in it again. We got a lot of attention from other campers when they saw it especially with the generator. Some of them asked to come and take a look. I would recommend this tent to anyone that wants a steady high quality tent.

  3. Jim Gilliland (verified owner)

    There is not enough room here to discuss how great this tent is. I have owned many tents (I’m 65 years old) and this is the best bar none! The quality is amazing, the attention to detail is superb! I /We (the wife and 3 dogs) have had limited use as we just got it….spent a couple nights in the backyard. Wanted a trial run prior to our first camping trip coming up in a couple of weeks. Set up was super easy, plenty of room, we had 2 queen air mattresses, still plenty of room, ventilation was great…..I would recommend this tent without hesitation. FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC! By the way, the customer service is greater than any other company I have ever had experience with. I just cannot say enough good things. Will do more reviews as our experiences increases

  4. Steven Kopf

    We purchased the NTK Arizona GT for a trip to Disney Fort Wilderness, and decided to use the the tent in the backyard for a test run. The tent was easy to setup, and fit our family comfortably. The color coordinated poles made assembly quick and easy. The rain fly was also easy to use, and very effective. It rained the first night and not a drop entered the tent. The tent floor remained dry throughout the night as well. Camping in the backyard has never been more fun. I recommend the NTK Arizona GT to anyone looking for a well constructed tent for family camping.

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    I probably spent about a 6months researching tents like a crazy person and finally decided on this one. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Set up was pretty simply with two people, just follow the directions. It was very spacious and we were able to stand in the entire area. I’ve never been in a tent that was more dry than this tent. We use this at music festivals and it’s always rains and has crazy winds and this was the tent to have. Not a drop of moisture, the inside walls stay dry with the double walled feature. If I had to pick something, maybe it needs more ventilation? But at that point I’m just being picky. I will never buy a different brand of tent. I recommend this company to anyone that lets me talk about tents with them, for real.

  6. Jim

    I’m not a paid reviewer.
    We bought this tent to camp in on our family trip to Novia Scotia and north of Cape Breton last June 2019, but I’m writing this review in the mid-summer of 2020.
    I’m going to speak from my personal point of view. I didn’t know what to expect having bought and heavily used several other tents over the years in our family excursions. I will also add that we own an acre of wooded land with grass and pitch our tent late May and leave it up through the summer until the middle of September in the Columbus region of Ohio-storms and drought be damned.

    I am super-impressed with this tent. I spent several weeks reading reviews before our trip up north to Canada last summer and cannot emphasize the quality of this tent any more than what has already been said concerning the seams and rain fly – top notch all the way and lightweight. This tent works – that’s the bottom line.

    Two quick scenario write-ups for those of you reading this review because I know how important these reviews were for me before I shelled out the cash for my trip. First, we took this tent up to northern Canada and experienced 60+ mph winds for at least 12 hours straight during our first night caping on Cape Breton Island. It may not matter for most people, but we were camped right on the Eastern Ridge of the island on a northern peak. No cover. Had I been more experienced in that area I would have parked the minivan in front of the tent on the east side to block the wind but I didn’t. Let me say that we were all a little afraid in the middle of the night as the tent pitched and stretched throughout the storm. I’m an experienced outdoorsman, and I got up twice in the middle of the night to make sure the guy lines were secure because the tent poles were stressing so much due to the wind that I could feel the tent material brush my face as I slept on my cot and this tent is tall enough for a average-sized woman to stand up fully inside. Not many contoured tents have this versatility and strength but I digress. When we woke up the next morning, the entire campground was flooded and everything that we had laid outside the tent and the van were gone and this was on the top of a high plateau overlooking the coastline: a lot of rain fell. The bedding inside this huge tent was dry – DRY! One of the outer poles had been splintered from the strong winds, but everything stayed dry and from the outside it was barely visible that we had endured such a storm. With a little duct tape to fix the splinter, we slept comfortably for the following 12 days in the strong coastal winds on Cape Breton and northward into the Canadian wilderness.

    I haven’t mentioned that NTK sent us a replacement pole over a year later for free and the cool rep recommended that we pull the car up next time beside the tent to block the wind because the tent poles for that size tent weren’t rated for 60+ mph sustained winds over 12 hours – neither am I or my 6 and 11-years-olds in the wilderness in a tent in a foreign country. My wife is though, but that’s another review. NEVER before have I tested a tent in these conditions, not during my military service and certainly not with my family in tow.

    Second instance. Over a year later this spring, and a lot of wear in the sun and sleeping in the back yard a thunderstorm blew through central Ohio that spawned several tornadoes in the local area. This might seem like a set-up for a bad joke but let me explain. The storm rolled through strong in less than 30 minutes and tore off the top of a healthy mature maple tree next to my home and laid it up against the front of our two-story home with a little extending above the roof. I have over 70 trees in my back yard which swayed and shed many limbs. Some of them landed on the tent which I found later the next morning. The shattered pole that I fixed with duct tape last summer was still in-tact and the tent was COMPLETELY DRY! My neighbors, and even strangers who walk past our back lot have stopped to ask who made this tent and how it stood up. Not to mention how good it still looks after two summers of weather.

    Look, I’m not a paid reviewer and I spent weeks reviewing tents before I bought this one so I know how important these reviews are to people wanting to spend their money in the right way. NTK is a family-owned business and this product is the best that I’ve ever used for a family tent. Do not look any further and don’t hesitate to buy an NTK tent. These things rock. My only fear in writing this review is that they will see how good their tents are compared to others and jack-up their prices, which they haven’t done yet in a year, because I’m going to buy from them from now on. You can contact me via message if you’re on Amazon and I’ll confirm this review. Their customer service is second to none.

    Look at the other competitors from the national outdoor gear chains that you and I know about and then compare prices. I can attest that this family tent, the Arizona 9/10 family tent does more than you would expect from fabric material and supports. It has put-off our looking for a pop-up camper as a family and my wife and I have been camping for years before our 18-year marriage.

    You won’t be disappointed. This is really the bomb. That’s my review.

  7. Liz Goodloe

    Absolutely the best tent EVER! Our first night in this tent we had severe storms with 50-plus mph winds. No problems with the poles, the tent or keeping dry! Was worried as the wind kept blowing the walls in on us, but everything held up! We have had 3 tents in the last 4 years that promised great sturdiness in weather. Two of them collapsed and the third got us wet. Until we wear this tent out, we will NOT be replacing it (and will only replace it with another Arizona GT 9/10).

    • NTK USA

      Thank you Liz, the Arizona is our sweet heart, designed and made by our people that camp with their families just like you do. Happy camping!

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