Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On 16.9oz / 500ml

Nikwax TX.Direct Waterproofing restores water-repellency and revives breathability of waterproof garments.

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Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On Waterproofing restores water-repellency and revives the breathability of waterproof garments.

  • Patented, award-winning formula restores water-repellency to synthetic outerwear.
  • Provides high performance waterproofing while maintaining fabric breathability.
  • Easy, wash-in application effective on all waterproof breathable laminates, coatings and microfibers.
  • Recommended for all waterproof/breathable laminate fabrics, including Gore-Tex, Ultrex, Entrant, eVENT and Triple Point.
  • Water based and Biodegradable. Contains NO flourocarbons (PFCs) and NO VOCs.
  • Nikwax, High Performance, Low Impact
    Nikwax Waterproofing is the global leader in safe, high-performance waterproofing, cleaning, and conditioning for outdoor gear.

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    Weight 0.9 lbs
    Dimensions 7.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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