NTK Action Mask

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NTK ACTION Cycling, sports, military, police, first responders and other active people’s Face Mask, Nylon Spandex Activated replaceable Carbon Filter, Windproof, Dust-Proof, Lightweight, Breathable Quick Dry Outdoor Sportswear Mask

– Tailored with high-quality nylon and spandex, our ACTION mask feels soft, lightweight, quick-dry, breathable, and comfortable for extended hours of usage. The special shape fits nicely to the head without forcing your ears. Beside it is fully washable and the filter replaceable when needed

– ACTION MASK was designed for the active people that need protection, no matter if you are an active-duty person with the military, police force, tactical force or a sportsman in cycling and other outdoor/indoor activities, the ACTIVE mask has a surface with micro-vents that helps you breathe freely without intaking the harmful air. The special builtin valve will open when necessary so that you can breathe smoothly with less air resistance

– The ergonomic design will bring a sense of security during active situations, you will even forget you have a mask on. It comes with a PVC memory resetting nose pad for extra comfort and perfect fit

– Includes one filter, with 5 layers delivering professional grade filtration. The first layer is designed to block large particles, the second activated carbon filter layer will filter benzene, car exhaust. The third and fourth layers will filter 0.03-0.3 microns of dust and particles and the fifth non-woven layer keeps it comfortable and breathable.

The usual NTK quality standard is applied to our new ACTION mask to deliver performance and comfort.

Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 in

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