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Shadow game – NTK Global

Shadowgraphy or ombromanie is the art of performing a story or show using images made by hand shadows. It can be called “cinema in silhouette”, and you can use it to play with your children during the quarantine! Be creative, set up a home campground and let the imagination flow. This game has been played for generations because it was invented when there were no electronic devices like TV, Phone or Ipad. Kids love it because it is creative and fun.

Let your creativity flow, make:

  • a rabbit
  • the moon
  • a heart
  • a duck
  • a dog and so many other funny and interesting shapes using your hand and fingers. Try to guess that the other person created and have fun with it. It is like playing puppets or having a puppet show. Bonding experiences happen when we do creative activities with our loved ones,  take your time and enjoy it.

Did you know NTK printed some of these Shadow game inside the FLASH 8 tent? Who would think of that besides a family-owned company like ours? Because after so much consideration we thought it would be nice to have some ideas printed inside the tent so that you can enjoy with your kids some time off relaxing inside the tent.

The Flash 8 tent has 8  images printed on it so that 8 people can play by each one choosing a shadow without telling the others and waiting them to guess it, if you loose you make breakfast for everyone or you have to put our the fire. Let the camping spirit bring out those beautiful smiles in each one of your friends and family, use the images to make jokes and tell stories because it is fun.

Shadow games are fun

Why they are fun?

Because they make us think and laugh.

Easy shadow duck


Easy shadow game


Easy shadow game


Easy shadow game


Easy shadow game


Easy shadow game

Snake face

Easy shadow game