Backpacks Side Compartments

Organizing your backpack is never an easy job! Making good use of its compartments and knowing how to balance the weight can make a huge difference after hours of trekking. So, in this article, we want to tell you all about the side compartments of your bag and the best ways to use them.

The side pockets of your backpack are perfect to accommodate those items of frequent use, so you don’t have to make a stop on the road to poke into the main compartment whenever we need them. Also, these pockets, usually made of a mesh material, are perfect to carry elements that will not be affected by rains or extended exposure to the sun. Some of the objects that you can fit inside pockets are water bottles, apples, cereal bars, and other snacks.

Many trekking backpacks also have small zipped pockets on their low back support belts. These compartments are perfect to accommodate items such as a small penknife, a compass, or an emergency whistle. The idea is to use these pockets to carry those items that you won’t use frequently, but you want to keep at your fingertips.

Many of the backpacks that are compatible with the hydration bag have a hose outlet on one side, which is perfect to keep the hose separate from the bag and near your mouth. However, another way to use this outlet is for your headphones. You definitely don’t want to expose your phone to extreme weather conditions, so using this outlet for this purpose will allow your phone to stay protected at all times.

Finally, make sure to not keep personal items such as a passport and money in your backpack, as there are times when you will inevitably have to leave your bag unattended. Instead, we recommend you keep these items in the pockets of your jacket or pants.

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