Take Your S'mores to the Next Level

Melty, delicious s’mores — what could be more wonderful after a long day of enjoying the great outdoors? Not much, as far as we’re concerned! This favorite campfire treat is sure to end your day together with a smile. However, what if you’re feeling a little creative or aren’t in love with the traditional s’mores ingredients? These hacks on the original s’mores will assure that everyone in your family finds something to enjoy. Don’t forget to pack carefully to ensure you don’t have a melted mess when you reach your campsite. 

Fancy Pants S’mores

If your tastes run a little more high-falutin’ than the traditional grahams, Hershey’s bar and marshmallow mix, no worries. These treats are sure to appeal to your finer tastes:

  • Peachy Keen. Imagine dried peaches, Brie, and your finest dark chocolate all melted together on a wafer-thin crust. You may have some difficulty getting the Brie on a stick to melt, but the tang on your tongue will be worth it.
  • Get Your Irish On. Gently pack a bottle of Bailey’s in your bag, and soak your roasted marshmallows before adding them to your s’mores. The added flavor (for adults only, of course!) will really liven up your night.

Swap out the standard Hershey's bar for your fav candy instead. Milky Ways, Reese's Cups, Snickers, or Mounds — you can bring mini candy bars so each family member can customize for their tastes.

Fun for Everyone S’mores

Maybe you like most of the traditional s’mores ingredients, but want to switch it up a bit! You’re sure to delight kids and adults alike with these fresh takes on a favorite treat:

  • Get Crispy. Worried that your graham crackers will be crumbles before you reach your campsite? Use rice crispy treats for the base instead! The added texture is fantastic. You may want to go open-face instead of a double-barrel treat, though.
  • Candy Favs. Swap out the standard Hershey’s bar for your fav candy instead. Milky Ways, Reese’s Cups, Snickers, or Mounds — you can bring mini candy bars so each family member can customize for their tastes.
  • Still the King. Peanut butter and banana sandwich? Yes, please! Check out Elvis’s famous recipe for yumminess: peanut butter, chocolate, and sliced bananas on a graham cracker, with melty marshmallows topping the heap.
  • Graham Swap. Love the interior of a s’mores, but not so sure about the graham crackers? Try getting creative with the base. Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, Ritz crackers, shortbread and even Oreos add a different flavor to this timeless treat.
  • Go Dark. Are you the ultimate chocoholic? Get ready to enter heaven. Chocolate graham crackers, bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate marshmallows will send your taste buds into paradise.

Now that you’ve got an ingredient list ready for your perfect s’mores, pack up your family and hit the trails! You’ll find everything you need for your perfect weekend away in the wilderness at NTK Global. From backpacks to airbeds, lighting to furniture, we have you covered. Shop online today or call 305-592-9472 with any questions about our products.

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