Spring was made for camping and once it has sprung, it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Sunny days, nice weather, and beautiful landscapes are reasons enough to start planning a new trip. Also, spring camping has plenty of benefits that support the mind and body. Want to know more? Continue reading this article where we tell you all about it!

Vitamin D

Has winter left you feeling sluggish? Being outdoors is the perfect way to get a little vitamin D boost without even thinking about it. Going for a walk or bike ride, cooking breakfast outside and other activities will quickly give you a top-up. Only remember to always use sunscreen!

Lighter provisions  

If you’re an experienced camper, you might know that chilly conditions usually mean bringing a full collection of jackets, blankets, and thermal wearables to your trip. But when spring emerges, the list of equipment and clothing is limited to just a few items. Waterproofs, however, is never a bad idea in the case of light spring showers.

Spur of the moment

Has it been a long week? Why not getaway? Spring is the perfect time for impromptu trips to your favorite park. Generally, reservations are not needed and campgrounds will not be crowded.

Visual splendor 

Whether you choose a national park, the beach, or the countryside, the colors of spring are a breath of fresh air after the Winter. Colorful flowers, waterfalls (courtesy of the snowmelt), and green grass fields are simply a spectacle of nature. That’s why this is also a great season for wildlife photography! Just dig out that camera and show off your skills.

Easier outdoor pursuits  

Generally, winter makes trail walks difficult, or at least tougher than they should be. Spring thaws out those routes so they’re far easier to traverse.  Also, spring brings along longer days, which is ideal for longer hikes. Additionally, in this season trails will be less crowded than in summer, so you can just relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere at your own pace.

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