Camping with your pet is the best! Need to safely camp with pets? These are some things you should consider doing.

The prospects of camping with your pet in a single tent probably sounds daunting. And it’s so, perhaps because you’ve never camped with pets before, and can’t quite imagine how your little or big friend will survive in the wilderness. Or maybe, you can’t imagine how it would feel taking you it camping for the first time. You do not have a pet camping checklist, nor even have an idea whether your preferred camping grounds are pet-friendly.

Need to know the best tips for camping with pets?

Beyond choosing a pet-friendly campsite, there are a lot of things you must do ahead to make your outing as awesome for your little furry friend as possible. Pick the best gear for your pooch, pack the right food, fetch a few meds from the vet and tick off a few more errands, and to make it even cozier for him, get his very tent-like the NTK MY PET TENT, for example, you can put it inside your tent.

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Make sure your pet is up-to-date with vaccinations

At home, your pet is safe and there is minimal risk of contracting diseases. But, the moment you head out, spend a couple of nights in the cold, he will be more likely to catch a cold. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, therefore, visit the vet and have him vaccinated.

You may also let the vet know that you are taking you are camping with a pet for the first time. Perhaps the vet will offer one or two valuable pieces of advice. But remember that, nearly all pet-friendly camping grounds require proof of updated vaccinations before admitting the pet.

Familiarize the pet with the outdoors

Your little pooch may have never spent a night inside a roomy tent like the NTK Flash 8 Person Instant Cabin Camping Tent so it might be a good idea to get his own pet tent like the MY PET TENT. Maybe, your pet is too aggressive and might stray away from the camp to hunt for birds and other animals in the wild.

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If you suspect that your pet is not ready for a few days in the wild, try setting up your camping tent in the backyard and stay with him for the night. Inside, pack as if you are in the actual camp and try sleeping with him for at least a night. You will tell how the pet behaves and whether there’s anything worth improving on ahead of your trip and will make familiar smells in the tent for the pet. You should also have him sleep in his pet tent for a week or so before camping and take that tent with you.

While there, keep your pet leashed and tagged

Ahead of your departure, pack a 36-foot tether for your little dog. Such a leash will give her the freedom to explore the surrounding with little freedom, much like you. Your pet cat can also be fitted with a tag fitted with a microchipped tracker.

That way, your little friend will freely explore the campsite, stray a little, and still be within your vicinity. There are several quality ID tags that you can buy before heading out.

Plan ahead before going camp with pets

This includes notifying the campground about your friend and getting familiar with their pet rules and policies. It also entails planning a safe travel route, reserving a campsite early, and buying the right camping gear for your pet. Take a few photos of your dog as well.

Invest in high-quality camping gear

On top of buying a quality NTK Flash 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent, sleeping bags, and other camping accessories, do not forget to pack all that your dog would need to keep him calm. This could include a poop bag, an extra blanket, a first-aid kit, and your pet’s toys. Tents are fragile and pets can destroy them in no time, keep an eye open.

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One extra tip: be realistic about your pet’s habit and personality.

Camping with an anxious dog, an aggressive cat, or an abnormal pet isn’t a problem, provided your fellow campers are aware of it. Not every pet is a camper – some could bark the entire night, others might not stop running up and down the camp.

Most importantly, do not forget to observe dog safety while camping. If you can’t contain the pet’s habits and behavior, let every camper know.

Remember that camping with pets should be a fun and bonding experience, enjoy it!

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