Hello, friendly people from the Sunshine State. Get ready, camping season is at its peak. Fresh days and cool nights make it perfect to enjoy the beauties of Florida based camp in a cozy family camping tent or backpacking your way with that light waterproof tent. As many of you know the headquarters of NTK is in the USA, so I write this text to pass along to you some of our personal experiences while family camping, cub scout camping, and 2-day backpacking with our loved ones.

Floridians are always friendly and the snowbirds that come this way during this time of the year and even more, always ready for a talk with great laughs, making new friends is the natural way of things. Even though it is winter you should expect some rain and plenty of humidity at night. Choose a waterproof tent, NTK makes many models for your selection and they all will keep you nice and dry with plenty of room and ease of operation. From Cabin tents like the NTK FLASH 8 to a Dome-shaped NTK ARIZONA GT 9/10 and if you are backpacking there are a few models for 3 or 4 person capacity like the NTK PHILLY GT 3.

NTK GT Philly camping tent

NTK Philly GT 3/4 person tent

As usual, make sure to set up your tent at home prior to the campout, you want to make sure all parts are included and that you are comfortable with it. Bonfire is a must during this time of the year, it is such an enjoyable moment to be able to relax around that fire roasting some sausage and then that amazing marshmallow. Cooking has never been so easy with the compact and light butane stoves you can use them for all meals and just place them on top of any picnic table.

NTK Frontier Portable Camping Gas Butane Stove

Happy winter camping in Florida, choose your spot using Vacation Idea.

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