The world of today has taken tech into life as a meteor, it is tough to impress and catch our kids’ attention and not hear “I am bored”. Our family at NTK believes that the way out of this is being outdoors, not only because electricity and wi-fi is scarce but because there is a connection between any human being and nature.

We love making camping tents and other camping stuff because it brings that true connection back into the family. Our kids grow too fast, each hour they stay wired represents valuable time. We parents, got to find a way to bring those hours to us, quality time with our kids is unreplaceable, we can’t be beaten by an electronic gadget.

Start choosing the right X-mas gift when they are small, my kid for example is happier getting some rope or a tool than a toy just because I’ve been teaching by example. X-mas is the perfect time to see this in action, family around the X-mas tree opening the gifts, they play that evening and maybe the next day just to have that “desired” toy tucked into the toy trunk or in the garage. Try giving them one of these things and you will see the spark in their eyes:

No kid can resist a super cool lantern, check out the NTK BEAST COB light it is techy and so cool that they will want to have it beside them even when sleeping, just in case. Here is a link to it Beast LED Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight.

We used to build our treehouse with Dad’s help or not and had a blast with it, many kids still do but space has become more and more an issue. Go creative, get them a cool hammock, like the NTK KOKUN. I am sure you will end up using it too. Check it out NTK Kokun Portable Hammock Double.

NTK Kokun Portable Hammock Single

Kids love privacy, the new concept of the NTK Sleepod is a blast and can become even part of the room décor! This pod combined with a lantern is a paradise for them.

Big tents are a trend, our best seller is the NTK ARIZONA GT 11/12, it is so big that your kids can have their own tent inside the family tent. Our NTK PANDA 2 person tent will do the trick. It comes in two colors to choose from, hunter green and orange/navy.

NTK Super Arizona GT 11/12 Tent

Last tip, don’t forget to visit our X-mas Gift Guide page!

I hope that these quick X-mas gift ideas will help you enjoy more moments with your little ones and build those amazing memories this holiday and for years to come. Yes, it is not the camping season, but make it even more fun and do it inside the house!

Text by Alex / 30 years at NTK

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