NTK Camping Tents

The most important piece of camping gear is the camping tent. At NTK we want each of our tents to be the customer’s “home away from home”. Choosing the right size is just the starting point. Of course, it must be intelligently designed, but we know nothing is more important to our customers than the quality of the materials and construction of the tent and how easy it is to use.

Since 1975, we’ve made several million tents. All along, we’ve rigorously tested each tent model in a variety of different climates, terrains and weather conditions, both to be sure our tents perform well and, more importantly, to learn as much as possible about which tent designs and materials will make the most exceptional products we can build. We do all we can to build NTK tents to perfection. From the needles installed in our machinery to the paper used to print our user guides, every single detail is carefully chosen, tailored and inspected to deliver a perfect tent for you and your family. This is the ethical legacy of our founder, Mr.Salvador, an Italian immigrant who moved to Brazil carrying only some clothing and books in his luggage, but whose mind had an industrial ingenuity and whose heart had the will to succeed and the excitement to endure. “Innovation”, “Quality”, “Functionality”, and “Excitement” are his seeds, and those words are engraved in the minds and hearts of all of us at NTK.

We, as a family understand what you want from a tent: a family tent must be water proof, roomy, easy to set up and pack back into the carry bag.

Dome style tents are proven to be the best solution for tent camping in our modern world where storage space is limited in vehicles traveling to and from the campsite (and even at our homes). NTK’s dome tents can be taller, wider, lighter and stronger than traditional bungalow instant type tents. We don’t believe life needs to be complicated, so why should a tent be? NTK’s color-coded poles make setup a breeze and using a minimal quantity of poles makes it even easier. The minutes and stress you save with NTK’s quick tent setup can be much better used for other activities with your loved ones or in just enjoying nature’s cool breeze. NTK’s main focus is on high-end tents (our GT- Gran Turismo Series), but we won’t ignore consumers with more limited budgets or kids who want to play camping in the backyard. For those customers, we offer a limited selection of what we call STD (standard tents) that can fit within just about everyone’s means and can keep you safe for a dry weather short camp out. So please remember to choose the right NTK tent for your particular budget and needs: GT stands for high quality & innovation and STD for economy.

Let NTK keep your family and loved ones dry, comfy, relaxed and happy while enjoying the great outdoors.

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