The NTK Arizona GT Tent 9/10 is a nicely built and very reliable 3-season family camping tent with a full coverage fly that will protect you in any weather situation. Also, its generous size make it perfect for gathering inside to play cards and other indoor games at night.

Key features

  • 2 rooms (capacity of up to 10 persons).
  • Full protection – 100% waterproof Polyester with polyurethane and 2500 mm water column.
  • Seamless high-strength polyethylene (soldier) floor material, which prevents any water leak.
  • Gear loops and pockets inside the tent to better organize all the small equipment.

What kind of tent is this

The Arizona GT 9/10 is a double-layer tent with an tunnel-type structure and 2 rooms. It is part of our new GT (Gran Turismo) line of tents, featuring improved materials and fiberglass rods with diameter greater than the conventional, connected by internal elastic and constructed with Nano Fiber and FlexMax technology, providing more strength and flexibility. In terms of camping comfort, this tent has excellent ventilation, which reduces condensation issues, and extra thin mesh to keep mosquitoes and bugs away.

Who is it for

This tent is perfect for groups of friends and families. It’s a standing height tent that can easily fit two double size airbeds in, with zip dividers for more privacy, and you will still have plenty of space to spare. Also, its pin and ring system allows a quick setup, user-friendly for all. Keep in mind that oversized tents are heavier, so be sure to always use two people to assemble it. Also, never use the poles to lift the tent and, whenever possible, use a foot print to help improve insulation and extend the lifespan of the floor.

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